December 16, 2009

The Shanes - Polka over Serbja!

Genre(s) - Polka (but hard)
Origin - Germany
Year of release - 2007
Bitrate - various rather high bitrates
Size - 75.35 MB

Howdy people, I'm sorry for the stall, but your patience has been rewarded; the ol' computer has been resuscitated (probably against its will)! This calls for a celebration. Well, when you think of a party, what immediately springs to your mind? That's right, polka! But we are advanced partygoers with expanded livers, asphalted lungs and hangover-proof brains, so we need some really HARD POLKA to make it worth our while. Here are The Shanes, they got what we derserve and they want to give it to us. I say we should take it with both ears. It's catchy, melodic, fast and folkish
and yes, it's live... in Chosebuz! Which is not in Serbia. Oh well, it makes a person dance. Dancing is fun, healthy, socially integrating, co2 neutral and not tested on animals, so you've got no excuse now.

Note: track 8 is missing, I haven't got it and can't find it now either, but it will be fixed when I do. In any case I suggest you take it anyway.
  1. The haunted house of polka
  2. Godfather of polka
  3. Hard to do something no one else did before
  4. The road to my horizon
  5. Love will tear us apart
  6. Long haired country boy
  7. Tango demi
  8. The big punishers polka
  9. King of the fairies
  10. My time will come
  11. The ripper
  12. I'm so happy and I don't know why
  13. The summer's almost gone
  14. Bring me the head of Zoltan Narray
  15. The rake
  16. Polka heart
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  1. Actually it was tested on animals! oh the cruelty!