December 16, 2009

Somos Pueblo, Somos MAS

Genre(s) - Folk, world music
Origin - Bolivia
Year of release - probably 2006
Bitrate - 128 kbps
Size - 40.96 MB

Last week, Evo Morales has won a second term as president of Bolivia with 62 percent of the vote, and his party Moviemento al Socialismo has finally gained a majority in the Congress. As the first indigenous president and a radical champion of the lower classes, that is, the extremely marginalised Indian majority, he is a symbol for la lucha para las derechos indigenas in the whole of South America, and indeed, Middle and North America as well. This album was probably released in celebration of his first electoral victory and is full of odes to him and the MAS, in a very authentic style - too bad about the programmed drums the album opens with - including three tracks (partly) in a fascinating native language. Basically it's a Latin folk template
with acoustic guitars and male and female vocals. Some songs are better than others, in my opinion, but if there's any appropriate time to post this, it's now (okay, actually last week, but shhh). People of Bolivia, I congratulate you.
  1. Evo presidente
  2. Compañero Evo
  3. A mi amigo Evo
  4. Con Evo y el MAS
  5. Cueca del MAS
  6. Todos santo del MAS
  7. Tinku al socialismo
  8. Vamos MAS
  9. Siempre Evo
  10. Gringo asesino
  11. Llaqtaqpa richáriynin (desperta de un pueblo)
  12. Jiwasataqui (para nosotros)
  13. Jatun tantakuman rispa (hacia el constituyente)
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