December 22, 2009

[Repost] Class Pride World Wide vol. 1

Genre(s) - Oi!, punk, ska
Origin - all over the world
Year of release - 2001
Bitrate - 128 kbps
Size - 51.46

[Had this one up for a while but it is only the first out of a series of three compilations and why not post them all together?]

For those still believing that the term skinhead is synonymous with neo-nazi, here's the final solid proof that this is a total misconception. The first compilation of a series of three released by the antifascist Insurgence Records presents us with 19 bands mostly from the SHARP (SkinHeads Against Racial Prejudice) and RASH (Red and Anarchist SkinHeads) scene. Not a skinhead myself - full head of hair here - I'm nonetheless fascinated by their subculture and praise their class consciousness. Their music is awesome too, this isn't the first oi! release I'm posting here. Street Troopers, Brigada Flores Magon and Los Fastidios deliver some of the best tracks on the disc but it's full of sometimes catchy, sometimes angry songs about working class life, beating up nazis and other fun, important subjects.

  1. Street Troopers (can) - Don't let 'em win
  2. Stage Bottles (de) - Dead but not forgiven
  3. Reazione (ita) - Forse un giorno vincera!
  4. Worker (usa) - Betrayed
  5. Remences (esp) - Sota control
  6. The Oppressed (uk) - Substitute
  7. Brigada Flores Magon (fra) - Continente olvidado
  8. FFD (ita) - Proletario
  9. H-Block 101 (aus) - Aunty Pauline
  10. Klasse Kriminale (ita) - I ragazzi sono innocenti
  11. Scrapy (de) - Still standing
  12. Blastcaps (can) - Shining light
  13. Pinkerton Thugs (usa) - Propaganda by the deed
  14. Opcio K-95 (esp) - Skinhead only red
  15. Los Fastidios (ita) - S-H-A-R-P
  16. Fermin Muguruza (eus) - Newroz
  17. Les Partisans (fra) - Radio rebelle
  18. Blaggers ITA (uk) - 1949
  19. Ya Basta (fra) - Chiapas
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  1. I think redskins and RASH are pretty neat. I look forward to this compilation. =)