November 24, 2009

Street Dogs - Fading American Dream

Genre(s) - Street punk
Origin - Boston, USA
Year of release - 2006
Bitrate - 128 kbps
Size - 41.11 MB

Street Dogs are a punk band formed around Mike McColgan, the original vocalist for the Dropkick Murphys, who I honestly don't really know very well. They have it all: plenty of melodies, chantable choruses, a blue-collar attitude, and great vocals. Anthemic slower songs like Tobe's Got a Drinking Problem and Fatty serve to diversify an album on which each of the faster tracks already show different influences. For instance, the Decency Police could have been written by Dead Kennedys while Sell Your Lies shows a more modern hardcore edge. All this is topped off with the brilliant Billy Bragg cover, There Is Power in a Union. Fading American Dream circumvents all the things that make most punk a boring affair while keeping things nice and political, and there is no greater praise I can think of. Great stuff.
  1. Common people
  2. Not without a purpose
  3. Fatty
  4. Decency police
  5. There is power in a union
  6. Tobe's got a drinking problem
  7. Shards of life
  8. Sell your lies
  9. Rights to your soul
  10. Hard luck kid
  11. Fading American dream
  12. Final transmission
  13. Katie bar the door
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