November 18, 2009

The Chameleons - Live Shreds

Genre(s) - Postpunk
Origin - United Kingdom
Year of release - 1996
Bitrate - 224 kbps
Size - 66.18 MB

After two out of three studio albums released prior to disbanding, The Chameleons recorded this, one out of several live albums, each one only released years after the original breakup. The troupe play highly evocative post-punk with fantastic vocal melodies and dual guitar interplay. Even the drums are less static than they often are in this genre and the eighties in general, but that may be an illusion owing to the live setting, where everything sounds just that little bit more organic and spontaneous. It has its minor flaws but nothing that can't be reasoned away with ease. The only real problem with the album is that it is much too short! Luckily some of the band's most memorable songs such as Men of Steel, In Shreds and Monkeyland have managed to be included. Even their being billed as "The Chameleons UK" (how lame) doesn't spoil this release for me.
  1. Paper tiger
  2. Pleasure & pain
  3. Men of steel
  4. Years ago
  5. In shreds
  6. Don't fall
  7. Second skin
  8. Up the down escalator
  9. Monkeyland
  10. As high as you can go
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