November 7, 2009

The CNK - L'Hymne á la Joie

Genre(s) - Industrial metal
Origin - France
Year of release - 2007
Bitrate - 192-320 kbps
Size - 68.29 MB

Kicking off with Beethoven's Ode to Joy, after which the album is named, The CNK keep up the bombast and take it all the way. Evolving from the Count Nosferatu Kommando, the acronym now stands for Cosa Nostra Klub. Musically the band still play slightly fragmented, slightly industrial metal that doesn't really fit either the 'black' or the 'death' prefix. However, on L'Hymne á la Joie, a fuller sound is presented due to the introduction of classical, choral and other ideas, upping the militaristic, arrogant sound of the music. The whole band (music, lyrics, album art, band photography) radiates the sweet putridity of elitist decadence and that's their main novelty. It's not a band or album for every day, but I like the concept and the music is tiring, but certainly interesting. Also, Hreidmarr is a total hottie. :3
  1. L'hymne á la joie
  2. Cosa Nostra Klub
  3. The martialist
  4. Total eclipse of dead Europe
  5. Vote for winners
  6. Die Holzhammermethode
  7. Dinner is ready
  8. The doomsday
  9. Inexorable parade
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