August 13, 2009

Various artists - Rocking out against Voldemedia

Genre(s) - Wizard rock
Origin - USA, mainly
Year of release - 2007
Bitrate - 256 kbps
Size - 49.59 MB

What many uninformed nay-sayers don't know is that J.K. Rowling's beautiful universe is a very political one. This brilliant concept compilation is taking some of the political themes implicitly touched on in the later Harry Potter books in order to shake people awake in our own world, in particular about corporate media, a main tool of the privileged classes to dumb us down and divide us. The project was initiated by the Harry Potter Alliance for and features ten wizard rock bands, ten tracks (and an introduction) about state repression, misleading and libelous publications, resistance and free press in Harry's world for ours to benefit from. The idea is maybe a tiny bit more interesting than the actual music, but it's good ol' comfy and cosy American amateur pop with lyrics about wizards in modern-day Britain so you need it.
  1. The Harry Potter Alliance - Introduction
  2. Catchlove - Potterwatch
  3. The Remus Lupins - (Never) do what you're told
  4. DJ Lovegood - Here's the scoop
  5. Gred and Forge - Save the Quibbler
  6. Harry and the Potters - Don't believe it
  7. The Whomping Willows - The rebel call
  8. The Owl Post and The Mudbloods - Owl post strike
  9. The Sneakoscopes - Potterwatch episode 294
  10. Roonil Wazlib - Voldemort controls the media
  11. Tom Riddle & Friends - Quick quotes quill
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