August 27, 2009

Forefather - Ours is the Kingdom

Genre(s) - Melodic black metal
Origin - Surrey, United Kingdom
Year of release - 2004
Bitrate - 128 kbps
Size - 55.22 MB

Two near-identical brothers playing what they want us to call Anglo-Saxon Metal, but what is actual fairly straightforward melodic blackened pagan metal with a penchant towards performing fellatio on Sir Oswald Mosley. Despite the weak harsh vocals, the drum computer and a feeling of immaturity in comparison with the newer full-length Steadfast, Ours is the Kingdom is an entertaining listen. The riffs, just like the clean-sung choruses, are rather lively but also epic, and they will get stuck in your brain like someone's old chewing gum. Some of the later tracks on the album such as Keep Marching On and To the Mountains They Fled exhibit some wistful pride, which I can always appreciate, and the pleasing interlude The Sea-Kings even reminds me of later Dernière Volonté. But Iron Maiden is clearly a lot higher on their influences list. That, and their silly nationalism. Anyway, here's a metal album more fun than playing pingpong with Nick Griffin's freaky glass eye.
  1. The shield-wall
  2. Ours is the kingdom
  3. Proud to be proud
  4. The golden dragon
  5. Smashed by fate
  6. The sea-kings
  7. To the mountains they fled
  8. The folk that time forgot
  9. Threads of time
  10. Keep marching on
  11. Rebel of the marshlands
  12. Wudugast
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