August 11, 2009

Errata - Errata EP

Genre(s) - Screamo/post-rock
Origin - Lisbon, Portugal
Year of release - 2009
Bitrate - 192 kbps
Size - 33.81 MB

Oooh, I feel so acknowledged. A band came to my blog to ask me if I could maybe upload their EP! Well, maybe, I said, if it meets my standards. And it does! The raw power contained in Errata's five tracks can not hide the intricacy of the sometimes meandering, other times savage melodies, and the amount of detail is astounding. Of course, for a post-screamo band atmosphere and emotion are what really count, and those aspects are proudly flown during the ebbs and the flows of the music. The dual guitars are instrumental in this, creating oxygen-poor mountaintop soundscapes (lilting, then spasming) that never last as long as you want them. The vocalist wrings a nice raw hoarseness from his throat but sometimes alternates with a cleaner, even more miserable voice that reminds me of early Appleseed Cast. It's a band these Portuguese, even though they're more extreme, could be roughly compared to if you'd listen through your earlashes. Errata play intense and pained music that's all the more impressive if you consider this is just a first EP. I hope these guys make it far.
  1. Permanecer
  2. Estética sentimental
  3. Tempestade em segundos
  4. (In)extência
  5. Honesty is hard as myths
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