March 19, 2009

Smorzando - Smrad

Band/artist - Smorzando
Genre(s) - Black metal
Origin - Switzerland
Album - Smrad
Year of release - 2008

Nature here is vile and base [...] the birds are in misery, I don't think they - they sing, they just screech in pain. So starts the fifth song of this demo, reflecting quite accurately the overall mood Smorzando tries to generate. Misery is the keyword here: the music is raw and oppressive, but has all kinds of warped, seemingly disembodied melodies and half-melodies, just barely noticable, floating among the claustrophobic haze. Disturbed shrieks and harsh rasping vocals betray a hatred of life and all it has to offer. It seems superfluous to say that the result is a hypnotic, yet very alienating soundscape that is deeply negative in nature and potentially harmful to your mental stability. "Favourites" - or better said, the most effective tracks - are the first and the last. This is roughly the audial equivalent of locking yourself up in the crawlspace and then chewing off your hands and feet. Please do enjoy.
  1. Lied 1
  2. Lied 2
  3. Lied 3
  4. Lied 4
  5. Lied 5
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