March 22, 2009


Band/artist - Amesoeurs
Genre(s) - Black metal/post-punk
Origin - Avignon, France

Okay, so Amesoeurs released their full-length. And it is, of course, beautiful, and glorious, and magical. They split up too, for which I hate them a bit, but it's alright. When I founded this blog, I decided not to jump onto every new record being released, plenty of other blogs do that, so here's a little retrospection instead. Gotta say, though, that I'm super glad there's finally some more material available than just four short tracks.

Album - Ruines Humaines EP
Year of release - 2006

It's surprising how well-developed the Amesoeurs-sound was even on the EP: modernist black metal with harsh and female vocals, melancholic, clean melodies and influences from 80s new-wave and post-punk bands. The idea was to give an impression of metropolitan life and the grey spiritual emptiness it entails. In this sense it's a counterpart to Alcest, band leader Neige's other main project, which sounds more naturalistic and is consequently a lot brighter and hopeful. Ruines Humaines is a bit too standard for my taste, but both the other songs, especially Faiblesse des Sens, are simply gorgeous and they tear at the heartstrings with skilled, nimble fingers.
  1. Bonheur amputé
  2. Ruines humaines
  3. Faiblesse des sens
Load it down (17.98 MB)

Album - Split with Valfunde
Year of release - 2007

As for the split, I can't get into the Valfunde tracks at all, they are simply too odd and formless to be called music if you ask me. But the Amesoeurs track, fully post-punk this time and sung by the wonderful Audrey Silvain, is gutwrenchingly beautiful especially when at the end the totally depressing clean guitars make their doleful appearance.
  1. Valfunde - Hôpital
  2. Valfunde - "Sérénade" de Verlaine
  3. Amesoeurs - Les ruches malades
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