March 8, 2009

Blind Guardian - Imaginations from the Other Side

Band/artist - Blind Guardian
Genre(s) - Power/speed metal
Origin - Germany
Album - Imaginations from the Other Side
Year of release - 1995

I've always been more of an Iced Earth guy, but one cannot deny Blind Guardian's rightful place on the power metal firmament.
Out of the band's many albums, Nightfall in Middle Earth gets all the praise, but as far as I'm concerned, Imaginations is the band's pinnacle. Not hampered by annoying interludes and a storyline, this is straight up metal madness with blistering riffs, rousing choruses, and the great voice of Hansi Kürsch. Songs like The Script for my Requiem, Bright Eyes, Another Holy War and the title track are nothing short of epic. Okay, A Past and Future Secret is one of their more "bardic" songs that lent them the honourary title of ass-raping hobbit metal among the kvlt kids. It's true their ballads are generally horrible but fuck you, Blind Guardian has a lot more to offer than that.
  1. Imaginations from the other side
  2. I'm alive
  3. A past and future secret
  4. The script for my requiem
  5. Mordred's song
  6. Born in a mourning hall
  7. Bright eyes
  8. Another holy war
  9. And the story ends
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