March 16, 2009

Lunar Aurora - Zyklus

Band/artist - Lunar Aurora
Genre(s) - Black metal
Origin - Rosenheim, Southern Germany
Album - Zyklus
Year of release - 2004

What's in a day? You wake up reluctantly, go to work for some boss who doesn't pay you enough, eat your microwave meal in front of the TV and drink yourself into a stupor without getting off the couch in the meantime. I'm sure this isn't how Lunar Aurora mean it. Indeed, the passing of the day as a metaphor for the cycle ("Zyklus" in German, in case you wondered) of life is an ancient one indeed, as exemplified by the Sphinxes' riddle back when such creatures still walked the Earth. Night, then, symbolises death, and not without reason the last song is the longest and darkest section of the cycle. What makes a cycle, however, is that it doesn't know an end. And indeed, after all seems over and everything has gone quiet, there is a rebirth, and quite spectacularly so, I might add. Okay, but what about the music? If you know Lunar Aurora I don't have to tell you about their unparallelled ability to create a pitch black atmosphere, utterly relentless, utterly malignant and utterly mindwarping. Zyklus sounds most like a much more developed and consistent Elixir of Sorrow and it's the closest to ambient black metal that they have made. To those for whom Burzum, Vinterriket and Xasthur just don't cut it: this is for you.
  1. Der Morgen (The morning)
  2. Der Tag (The day)
  3. Die Abend (The evening)
  4. Der Nacht (The night)
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