March 8, 2009

All Girl Summer Fun Band - All Girl Summer Fun Band

Band/artist - All Girl Summer Fun Band
Genre(s) - Twee pop
Origin - United States of America
Album -
All Girl Summer Fun Band
Year of release - 2002

With all the metal these last few weeks, you're probably dying for something a bit brighter right about now. And what music is more diametrically opposed to metal (except maybe power metal, itself the indie pop among the extreme music subgenres) than twee?? It's been way too long since this blog has featured some good sunny picknick pop anyway, so I present to you, the All Girl Summer Fun Band ("they're having fun again!").
How can you go wrong with a band like that, the name is enough to cheer you up! But of course it's what's inside that matters. Simple, bouncy, starry-eyed songs about boyfriends, life's tiniest problems, boyfriends, fun stuff and boyfriends, it doesn't get much more twee than this. With jangly guitars and lyrics such as "Canadian Boyfriend, I don't mind making the trip / Canadian Boyfriend, I wanna change my citizenship", they will conquer your heart. Too bad it's only March, this stuff makes you feel like eating icecream and playing badminton.
  1. Brooklyn phone call
  2. Canadian boyfriend
  3. Car trouble
  4. Later operator
  5. Cut your hair
  6. Somehow angels
  7. Theme song
  8. It's there
  9. Girl #3
  10. Stumble over my
  11. New in town
  12. Cutie pie
  13. Cell phone
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