April 27, 2010

The Wounded - Atlantic

Genre(s) - Gothic/doom metal/rock
- The Netherlands
Year of release
- 2004
192 kbps
Size - 65.33 MB

A majestic opus of downcast gloom rock is not an export product you might expect from the picturesque province of Drenthe, or maybe again, it's exactly what you can expect - I wouldn't know what to do with myself either except for masturbating, drinking pils and playing depressive music. Living in the inhabited world I don't need to play depressive music because I have internet so I can listen to others doing it for me. All this tells you nothing about the album and is discriminating to non-Randstadters, I'm sorry. Atlantic is as vast and deep and churning restless as the ocean mirroring steel-grey skies. Singer Marco van der Velde has an astounding emotional voice and gives a great performance on songs like 18. Carat Dust or the lethargic, extra-extra-tortured Nirvana cover. The long closer and title track is a great hypnotic trip though lands of guilt and dejection. It's been six long years without an album now, I hope The Wounded will soon be patched up enough to write some more material. Who else hurts you so well?
  1. Hollow world
  2. 18. carat dust
  3. Running on empty
  4. Day of joy
  5. Northern lights
  6. "Prelude"
  7. Smells like teen spirit (Nirvana cover)
  8. We are darker
  9. Atlantic
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