April 22, 2010

Skagos - Ást

Genre(s) - Black metal
Origin - British Columbia, Canada
Year of release - 2009
Bitrate - 160 kbps
Size - 59.60 MB

Though I am well aware that Skagos' opus Ást is featured on most every black metal blog around and I hate the feeling of being behind, here it is now also on mine. After all, Google tells me it's Earth Day (we have an Earth Day? Kinda gets overshadowed by Four-Twenty Day this way, don't it?), and what music better symbolises the insignificance of humankind compared to the very soil that we and everything derives from, than some nice and foresty atmospheric black metal? Skagos tell us of the triumph of Nature; the impending downfall of modern civilisation and a return to modes of life more harmonious with the world around us. After all, the carcass of monotheist capitalism will yield blossoms indeed: the conditions for new relations among ourselves and between us and the planet we inhabit. And until that time you can enjoy the enveloping, melancholic and strangely warm tones of Ást, one of the most astounding albums released in the genre last year. Fucking Calignosity.

The inanity of the last song's title aggravates me considerably.
  1. Colossal spell
  2. The drums pound every night in a glorious celebration of life
  3. Blossoms will sprout from the carcass
  4. ...with a warm recollection
  5. Calignosity
  6. A night that ends, as all nights end, when the sun rises
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  1. Don't you think that 420 and Earth Day complement each other though?

  2. Good upload, this was one of my planned updates for the Death of Music especially since I live in BC.

  3. So I think that the last title is meant to be a metaphor, you see. The night that is ending is industrial civilization, and the sun that will rise is the return to the more harmonious modes of life you referenced earlier. I think its a great title (and a great song).