April 10, 2010

V.A. - Twee as Fuck (the Joy of Kittenhood)

Genre(s) - Twee, o'course
Origin - Mostly UK and USA
Year of release - Never officially; compiled in 2005
Bitrate - 192 kbps

Twee as Fuck is a rather infamous compilation of a great many twee songs by a great many twee bands, that circulates the internet but was never officially released. Apparently it is based off a list of "essential listening" indie pop songs in a 2005 article with the same title in Pitchfork magazine. Some gentle soul has made an mp3 comp out of it and that's what I can share with you now. Many of the bands I got to like when I first discovered the genre came from this compilation and I urge anyone with a fondness of the sweet, the simple and the shamelessly underproduced to check this out. Revolt into childhood? Yes please!

Cut in half due to size. Get both!
  1. Television Personalities - This angry silence
  2. Talulah Gosh - Beatnik boy
  3. Tiger Trap - My broken heart
  4. Rocketship - I love you like the way that I used to do
  5. Magnetic Fields - 100,000 fireflies
  6. Honeybunch - Mind your own business
  7. Cub - Tell me now
  8. Beat Happening - Our secret
  9. The Softies - Hello rain
  10. Glo-worm - Tilt-a-whirl
  11. Heavenly - Three star compartiment
  12. Tullycraft - Pop songs your new boyfriend's too stupid to know about
  13. The Pastels - Mandarin
  14. [oops, missing file!]
  15. Blueboy - Boys don't matter
  16. Wolfie - Hey, it's finally yay
  17. Tiger Trap - Puzzle pieces
  18. The Hit Parade - Hitomi
  19. Rocketship - Your New Boyfriend
  20. Barcelona - I've got the password to your Shell account
  21. Black Tambourine - Throw Aggi off the bridge
  22. Beat Happening - Bewitched
  23. The Pastels - Yoga
  24. Honeybunch - My contribution to the greenhouse effect
  25. Small Factory - If you hurt me
  26. Velocity Girl - Pop loser
  27. Heavenly - Hearts and crosses
  28. The Pastels - Different drum
  29. The Vaselines - Molly's lips
  30. Beat Happening - Indian summer
  31. Talulah Gosh - My boy says
  32. The Sea Urchins - Pristine Christine
  33. Heavenly - C is the heavenly option
  34. Boyracer - In love
Part 1 - Load it down (70.13 MB)
Part 2 - Load it down (72.09 MB)

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  1. thank yoooou! i was just tediously going through this task myself but someone already did it for me, yay!