January 14, 2010

Sun of the Sleepless - Demo

Genre(s) - Atmospheric black metal
Origin - Germany
Year of release - 1999
Bitrate - 128 kbps
Size - 13.78 MB

Sun of the Sleepless is, or perhaps was, a one-man experimental black metal project that is officially still active but seems to be on its arse since releasing the split.
Markus Stock is an adventurous soul in metal-land with his folk-metal-goes-acoustic-folk band Empyrium, the cinematic horror metal of The Vision Bleak and the progressive gloom rock of Noekk. It's at the marges of metal that he can work his magic best. This demo is still fairly regular: a mere three short pieces of fantastic atmospheric black metal that has everything you love about it. If your ears were for smelling you'd smell rich damp earth, pine needles and smouldering bonfires.
  1. Thou, whose face hath felt the winter's wind
  2. Grimme pain
  3. Nebelmond
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