January 4, 2010

Miserere Luminis - Miserere luminis

Genre(s) - Black metal
Origin - Québec, Canada
Year of release - 2009
Bitrate - 320 kbps

I haven't come across this on any blog yet - but not actively scoured the hundreds of thousands of BM blogs for it either - and it took me very long to find it on soulseek, but it proved its worth. I was so anxious to hear it because it features both members of Gris, who weren't featured on the first post of this blog for nothing. Third member is Annatar from Sombres Forêts whom I've never liked so much. But with two against one luckily the Gris faction had a bit more to say about the direction for Miserere Luminis and you can hear that from the deep atmosphere, which is more than simply depressive; there lurks something very unhinged and perverse at the heart that not a lot of bands can convey. It is less focused on neoclassical segments or use of grand piano, but it is equally subtly unruly, in the sense that there is usually some aspect of the music that doesn't quite do what you are expecting, and as such enhances the alien-ness and wonder of the music. Take the weird drums patterns in Ciel Tragique, which immediately drew and held on to my notoriously fickle attention. It's this kind of thing that made sure that after almost eight years of exploring this style, and after many other new musical genres in my life, entirely different friends, and a whole different outlook on the world, I have never once lost interest in the majestic art that black metal, if written and played with intelligence and sincere emotion, still can be!

The album is chopped in half due to its size. If you enjoy this, take the Gris album as well or I will hate you forever.
  1. Cineris
  2. Le mal des siècles
  3. Ciel tragique
  4. IV
  5. Birth of new ages
  6. The mist
  7. Senectus
  8. Miserere luminis
  9. Exulcerare
Part 1: Load it down (51.86 MB)
Part 2: Load it down (62.27 MB)

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