January 23, 2010

Maximum the Hormone - Buiikikaesu!!

not the official cover; it was just too ugly

Genre(s) - Rare poep ouwe
Origin - Japan
Year of release - 2007
Bitrate - 128
Size - 44.70 MB

Okay. For some unimaginable reason someone decided to inject three Japanese menchildren and a womanchild with speed and monkey genes, take away their dictionaries, and lock them up in a room with musical instruments. The session was of course recorded and the result is Buiikikaesu!!. The music is insanely hectic and hectically insane, alternating between impossibly bouncy, happy-go-lucky stuff that will make your face go like ^___________^ and more aggressive parts with harsh vocals at a staggering speed. The lyrics would have been bilingual if the English parts weren't simply references to random everyday objects (
"Bikini sport the monkey spanner ponchin!"). I generally hate music as angular and chaotic as this but this is just unforgivably catchy. And my brother asked me to up this. So there you go, sorry that it took about a year!
  1. Buikkikaesu!!
  2. Zetsubo Billy
  3. Kuso breakin no breakin lilly
  4. Louisiana Bob
  5. Policeman Benz
  6. Black power G men spy
  7. Akagi
  8. Kyokatsu
  9. Bikini. Sports. Ponchin.
  10. What's up, people?!
  11. Chu chu lovely muni muni mura mura purin purin boron nururu rero rero
  12. Shimi
  13. Koi no mega lover
  14. Bonus track
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  1. Cool, I've been wanting to check these guys out, thanks!

  2. I have this already, but I love them. Heaviest and best japanese band

  3. "Heaviest and best japanese band"
    noooooooooway! Boris is objectively heavier than anything ever. This stuff is only medium heavy (not saying it's bad or anything).

    oh hey, "What's up, people?!" is the song from Deathnote! neat!

  4. ahaha, I just looked up the real album art.