October 17, 2009

Vibrasphere - Archipelago

Genre(s) - Psytrance, ambient
Origin - Sweden
Year of release - 2006
Bitrate - 192-256 kbps

Sorry dear people, my exam week is upcoming so I have had even less time to post than is usual lately, and this will probably be the only entry in the coming week. Don't forget about me in the meantime!

This is a duo from Sweden that weave very warm, lucid dreamworlds together out of electronic sounds, moving back and forth between ambient and psytrance a bit indecisively. Archipelago is clearly more on the trance side of the spectrum, but easingly so and never rushing things, earning the label morning trance if you ask me. There are more ambient tracks on here as well such as the beautiful Tierra Azul and Late Winter Storms which isn't as cold as it sounds, really, while Sweet September is the most memorable trance track my inexperienced ears have ever heard. They're all very engaging atmospheres with a lot of natural grace and melody that make it more than just a pleasant background noise. It was too big to share so I had to snip it in half, make sure you take both!
  1. Tierra azul
  2. Sweet september
  3. Reservoir
  4. Landmark
  5. Seven days to daylight
  6. Morning breeze
  7. Sudden comfort
  8. Baltic resonance
  9. Late winter storms
Part 1: Load it down (50.87 MB)
Part 2: Load it down
(62.11 MB)

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  1. Good luck on exams!

    I'm very glad you posted this. I was thinking I haven't listened to enough electronica recently, and I really like Lime Structure, the only Vibrasphere album I own.