October 14, 2009

Oi Polloi! - Ar Ceòl, Ar Cànan, Ar-a-mach

Genre(s) - Punk/oi!
Origin - Various parts of the British and non-British Isles
Year of release - 2006
Bitrate - 256/320 kbps
Size - 56.97 MB

The first album in punk history produced entirely in Scottish Gaelic (yes, also SS Politician, which btw has a great little folk number at the end) was released only three years ago by the "green anarchoi!" band Oi Polloi! I consider myself a green socialist rather than an anarchist, but it is good to hear sounds that do make the connection between ecological disaster and capitalism. Not only has the blind hunt for profit been largely responsible for the impending climate change, it is holding back effective measures right now. So I hope to see a large anticapitalist block at the Copenhagen summit in december. But on to the music. Well, it's solid punk with slight oi! influences - not quite enough for my taste though - and what more do you need? Best tracks are the opener, the aforementioned SS Politician, and Union Jack.

The blog entry title is right and the RAR and folder title is wrong. My mistake.
  1. Ar ceol 's ar canan
  2. Brosnachadh catha
  3. Ramalair ruisgte
  4. Ceud mile failte
  5. La na sabaidh
  6. Saibjidh sneddon
  7. Scrudadh 2323
  8. Bas dhan t'siostam
  9. Union jack tha'll 's cac!
  10. Fear a' batha
  11. Cait a bheil an armach leir sgrios
  12. 911
  13. Madaidhean allaidh
  14. SS Politician
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