October 21, 2009

Martyrdöd - In Extremis

Genre(s) - Blackened crustcore
Origin - Sweden
Year of release - 2005
Bitrate - 192 kbps
Size - 53.43 MB

Okay, so Martyrdöd are a blackened crust band from Sweden (where else?) and their music is, well, solid as a brick and twice as hard-hitting. No breathing holes. Fucking fast, filthy, pissed-off shit that stops at nothing, never once (okay once) relents the barrage. These guys sound as determined as they sound desperate and I mean REALLY like playing as loud and fast as they can is the only thing still keeping them alive. If that makes you think the music is a bit one-dimensional you may be right, but the raw anger is intoxicating and somehow you can't stop thinking this is what punk was always meant to be like.
The sound is filled out a bit by letting the tones flow over into each other and I guess that's the black metal influences right there, else I can't really pinpoint them. Who cares. "The power of crust compels you", and you can take that literally.
  1. Din aura av sorg
  2. In extremis
  3. Hör varningen!
  4. Kollisionskurs mellan två världar
  5. Vägen ur
  6. Antagonisten
  7. Utanförskapet
  8. Tämjda människor
  9. Ljusbringaren
  10. Välkommen till dödsriket
  11. Tyst vår
  12. Kollektivt självmord
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