October 9, 2009

The Deirdres - Two Demos

Genre(s) - Twee pop
Origin - United Kingdom

The Deirdres are a bunch of hand-knitted puppets from Britain that play endearing, loosely-played noisy twee pop of a sort that jumps at you from unexpected corners. They don't stick to the plans and are all the more refreshing for it. Dinosaurs That Can Swim has a cool diy-cover courtesy of that wonderful little label WeePOP! who always have great ideas like this. The other demo, Poor Harmonies and Communal Clapping (which is exactly what it is!), seems untraceable on the webs but features the great Electro Magic and Sir Michael of Aspel, which rock my world with their deadly hooks and exquisitely poor harmonies. Yes!!

Dinosaurs That Can Swim (2007, 22.39 MB) - Load it down
  1. Claire, are we safe to be on our own?
  2. Hopeless is the venue
  3. Fun to pretend
Poor Harmonies and Communal Clapping (200?, 16.40 MB) - Load it down
  1. Electro magic
  2. Fun to pretend
  3. Shoop shoop
  4. Sir Michael of Aspel

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