August 3, 2008

Triarii - Ars Militaria

Band/artist - Triarii
Genre(s) - Martial ambient, neoclassical
Origin - Germany
Album - Ars Militaria
Year of release - 2005

When I first heard of the genre called martial ambient/industrial and military pop I was fascinated by the concept and the bands' images. Most of the bands couldn't really interest me, however; I had hoped for something a bit more romantic and less industrial than most projects within the genre proved to be. Triarii is one of the exceptions: with its focus on ominous, bombastic neoclassical arrangements set to slow, heavy percussion and snare-roll marches it's just as apocalyptic as I imagined the whole genre to be. Listening to Sun, Serpent & the World Ending, the most devastating track on the album, or the proud, nostalgic Son of the Sun you
can just visualize the legions marching by.
  1. Anthem from the iron flame
  2. Europe in flames
  3. Mother of pain
  4. Dark skies over Europe
  5. Der verwundete
  6. Legio Vi Ferrata
  7. Regicide II
  8. Marche du capitulation
  9. Neuropa
  10. Serpent, sun & the world ending
  11. For the fallen ones
  12. Son of the sun
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  1. Sunday, August 30th, 2009

    Hello ...

    Just a brief note here for you. I'd like to thank you for making Triarii's "Ars Militaria" available for downloading on your blogspot site. I was recently exposed to Triarii's music (via the "Muse In Arms [2009 release]" album), and was BLOWN AWAY by the symphonic and bombastic sound that they have. Reminds me of very early Laibach.

    Thanks once again, and if possible, please post more Triarii albums for download if you have them.

    Take care,