August 16, 2008

Monarque - Fier Hérétique

Band/artist - Monarque
Genre(s) - black metal
Origin - Québec, Canada
Album - Fier Hérétique
Year of release - 2007

Some nice Qu
ébécois black metal in the vein of their homeland's tradition (Akitsa, Forteresse...): raw yet atmospheric, and I figure as ethnocentric as the rest of 'em. I wonder if the desire for independence from the rest of Canada is as strong as the presence of so many nationalist Francophone bands suggests (in Maple Syrup country, separatism seems to have strong, unhealthy links with far-right traditionalism - I blame the poutine). Back to the music, it is hardly spectacular and it doesn't redefine black metal in any way but tracks like Le Vent du Nord and Marches Funèbres breathe a wonderful sense of nostalgic pride. Another point of praise concerns how the music fills your entire cranial cavity, an ability usually reserved for the better bands in the genre.
  1. Intro - Ces charognes éparses (These scattered corpses)
  2. Fier hérétique (Heretic pride)
  3. Le vent du nord (The north wind)
  4. Passage dans la vallée (Entrance into the valley)
  5. Extinction
  6. Marches Funèbres (Funeral marches)
  7. Outro - Isolation
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