March 24, 2010

Lifelover - Erotik

Genre(s) - Black metal/depressive pop
Origin - Sweden
Year of release - 2007
Bitrate - 320 kbps
Size - 81.12 MB

Still not dark enough for you? Then maybe you need some Lifelover in your life. With a mixture of musical styles even more cynical than the mocking name, they seek to confuse you and fuck with your mind. Compared to the debut Pulver (posted here), the sophomore effort presents a more unified sound, blending the different elements more thoroughly into the whole, although it seems a bit less melodic and more droning.
Lyrics seem to be themed around alienation, negativity, death, hedonism and (self-)abuse; you know, all the good stuff. This band has a unique and uncanny way of creeping up on you and inducing all sorts of dark, involuntary thoughts and feelings in your all too vulnerable mind. That is not a warning - it's a warm invitation.
  1. Förspel & intrång
  2. Sweet illness of mine
  3. I love (to hurt) you
  4. En man i sina sämsta år
  5. Dödens landsväg
  6. Välkommen til pulvercity
  7. Saltvatten (du + jag vs. Tellus)
  8. Besatt
  9. Höstdepressioner
  10. Humörets bottenvåning
  11. Museum of past affections
  12. Nitlott
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