March 25, 2010

The Tough Alliance - Two EPs

Genre(s) - Electropop
Origin - Sweden

The Tough Alliance are also Swedish, and that concludes the range of similarities to Lifelover. It took me a blonde-quiffed Swede to get to know them. The two dudes play some strange form of electronic music that sounds chaotic and mismatched, experimental and still poppy, and kind of drugged-up catchy. They're hard on vocals and brass and the rhythms are definitely more than simple unilinear doing-doing-doing dance beats. I can not describe it in much more detail without probably missing the mark. This is the only electronic music I know that is inspired by revolutionary politics, even if those are not expressed as such through the music itself as much as in the theory behind the group.

Make it Happen

Year of release - 2004
Bitrate - 128 kbps
Size - 8.65 MB
  1. Tough
  2. Make it happen
  3. Take no heroes
  4. Many men
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New Waves

Year of release - 2006
Bitrate - 256 kbps
Size - 24.30 MB
  1. Kill kill kill
  2. Silly crimes
  3. 25 years and running
  4. Mine was real
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