April 12, 2010

Spite Extreme Wing - Kosmokrator (Magnificat II)

Genre(s) - Black metal
Origin - Italy
Year of release - 2005
Bitrate - 192 kbps
Size - 53.72 MB

In the excitement of spring we would almost forget the poor black metal fans. Always in for some rigorous hacking and gouging, with Kosmokrator,
Spite Extreme Wing deliver a declaration of utmost hostility towards all human life.This Italian band is part of the Black Metal Invitta Armata collective, alongside such excellent compatriots as Janvs, Frangar and Tronus Abyss. The album consists of older songs that had not been released before, but you will hardly notice this. It is a leaden slab of fast and dense black metal, sometimes ever so slightly thrashy, with excellent riffs and versatility where needed with elegant acoustic (Vvltvs) and neoclassical segments (the long Il Volo). They do not forego good taste in the midst of ravaging will to destroy. And I really like to hear that. By the way, that is some real fetching cover artwork.
  1. L'inizio
  2. Il tempio ad est
  3. Kosmokrator
  4. Deo soli invicto
  5. Vvltvs
  6. Monvmentvm
  7. Clermont
  8. Il volo del bicorne (remake of Viaggio di Ritorno by Morgan Bellini)
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