July 13, 2008

Eine Welt zu gewinnen

Okay, I've finally been able to post some stuff again from my parents' place. Funny thing is, at my own place I have had about ten albums lined up to be uploaded to mediafire for weeks now, but my internet there is still dead - in fact, I think I made it even worse. :( I think it may be due to the fact that the previous tenant of my room was still paying for the tv and internet connection, but I'm not sure.

I'll try to have it fixed in time to post a few of them albums, because in two weeks (maybe even just one) I'll again be housed far, far away (Brabant is a whole different province, you know) for more digging at another excavation, this time for four or five weeks. No instaweb, except maybe in the weekends. It's a tad sucky having to spend your whole summer holiday working and doing unpaid work experience full-time.

I'm still thinking about something I might try after posting those albums, namely making mixtape-like compilations of only the awesomest songs that I know. It would be a bit fairer to the artists involved, but I would miss writing those little album reviews. Let me know what you would prefer.


Bart / Charles D.


  1. Yes. It's not going very smoothly, I'm now going into my 5th year and I still have BA2 and BA3 classes to finish. D: Been wanting to become an archaeologist since I was 5, but now that I can make that dream come true I still don't have enough self-discipline to really go for it. But at the moment I'm climbing out of a long depression and feel more ready to make the required effort.