July 13, 2008

The Changelings - Amphibian

Band/artist - The Changelings
Genre(s) - Ethereal, neoclassical
Origin - United States of America (Atlanta, Georgia)
Album - Amphibian
Year of release - 1998

Here we have something unique and beautiful. The Changelings are a rather obscure ethereal band who have remained largely unsigned - i.e. you might call it über-indie - but managed to release four awesome full-lengths by themselves. I think it may not be quite everybody's cup of tea as this is in many ways stranger and less accessible than most other ethereal. It is driven by drums and percussion, violin and a myriad of unusual, antique and Eastern instruments including hammered dulcimer, musical saw, sitar and a toy accordeon(?). Regeana's voice and some of the electronic effects over the music, like on Maelcum's Rigteous Dub may also take some time to get used to but make the distant, drifting atmosphere complete. This is great music to accompany you on stoned nocturnal wanderings around town. Favourite songs of mine are Port Royale, a pirate song, Frog Song with its whirling melodies and the beautiful Oceana. http://www.changelings.com
  1. Deeper than light
  2. Melusine
  3. Mealcum's rigteous dub
  4. Caterwaul
  5. Another dead girl
  6. Frog song
  7. Afternoon of a newt (crap. I don't have this track :/)
  8. Port Royale
  9. Carpathian lullaby
  10. Oceana (the mermaid song)
  11. Morning's twilight
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