February 27, 2010

Gérard Lenorman - Ses Plus Grands Succes

Genre(s) - Chansons Françaises, pop, singer-songwriter
Origin - Take a guess
Year of release - 198?
Bitrate - 128 kbps
Size - 54.40 MB

Ses Plus Grands Succes, which simply means His Greatest Hits, is a compilation album by the French singer-songwriter Gérard Lenorman. I really do not know a lot about the man, but I remember having known his song La Ballade des Gens Heureuses (Ballad of the Happy People) for about all my life. It's still, to me, the most beautiful song on the disc though that may be because of the memories attached. Voici les Clés (See Here the Keys) and Si j'Était Président (If I were President) always flush my chest with some aching warmth as well, it's fantastic if music can evoke such a response. If you enjoy this album as much as I did, may I suggest for you to try this album out as well, by a compatriot and collaegue chansonnier Benjamin Biolay.
  1. La ballade des gens heureuses
  2. Michèle
  3. La petite valse
  4. Boulevard de l'océan
  5. Warum (mein Vater)
  6. Vacances en France
  7. L'enfant des cathédrales
  8. Si j'était Président
  9. Voiçi les clés
  10. Le bleu des regrets
  11. Et moi je chante
  12. Tu t'rappelles plus de rien
  13. Le soleil des tropiques
  14. Un ami
  15. Le dauphin triste
  16. Chanteur de charme
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